Playful session in Rincon

Today I had a nice head high + session at domes in Rincon. The waves were pretty mellow and ripable so I had a ton of fun. I surfed my 6’0″ Stretch Ratboy and it was glad to finaly surf something sizeable for the first time in a long while. Hopefully I have a repeat tomorrow!

Here are a couple shots I snapped from the beach before I paddled out and from my room while the sun was setting tonight…

Florida Cable Footage

Here’s some clips from McCormick’s and OWC from my trip to Florida with Evan. We decided to throw the fins on and film some corner tricks the day we were at McCormicks, figuring that we’d be back the next day to film rails. The wind was up the next day so instead of heading back to McCormicks to film, we kited in St. Pete with Matt Sexton, Alex Fox, Tripp Hobbs and Billy Parker.


Cable Footy from Brian Smith on Vimeo.

Stormy last day in Wilmington

Yesterday, Evan Netsch and I had an interesting last session in Wilmington. We had been getting stoked in previous days looking at the forecast for our last day that showed strong southwest winds. Little did we know it would end up blowing 40-50! Because were in Wilmington, which normally isn’t very windy, neither of us had small kites. Evan put up his 7.5 and I put up my 8 RPM. Needless to say, we were blown off the water after a few minutes. Here’s a screen shot of the wind meter…

ILM wind

Headed South!

So In a couple days I’ll be heading south to Florida to ride cable at McCormick’s and OWC as well as to kite for a couple of weeks. Getting an HD Camera tomorrow so check back for pics and video from my trip! Here’s a sick video from some Slingshot riders at the McCormick’s cable in tampa: