New Year – New Beginnings

Every year as I turn the first page on my new calendar, I am excited to find what will lie in store for me in the coming year. I expect and embrace the changes that are surely to come as each day passes. For me, this year was marked by change from the first day – a new sponsor! I am pleased to announce that I have joined Liquid Force‘s team this year and look forward to our bright future together. Here are a few photo’s (courtesy of Evan Netsch) of me with my new Gear… Enjoy!


The Low Road

During the winter of ’10-’11 I was able to link up with Nate Appel of Cineaptic Digital Media in various parts of the world- specifically the Baja peninsula of Mexico and the northern coast of Puerto Rico. Here is the first episode of Nate’s new series entitled The Low Road that made to document the trips. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Best Kiteboarding for helping to make this Project a reality and a success!

2011 Triple S Invitational

The Triple S Invitational is the world’s most progressive wake and surf style kiteboarding event bringing in the best riders of each discipline from around the globe. It went off in Cape Hatteras, NC at REAL Watersports last week. The event started out with light winds so wakeboarding and winching were going down every day. The last three days had perfect South-West winds which set the stage for some of the best riding I’ve ever witnessed or been a part of!

When all was said and done, I was able to come out with a few results to be proud of. I managed 5th in the slicks discipline behind the big guns, Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light, Billy Parker and Brandon Scheid. The next podium position I took was slightly less of an achievement but one none the less.: 2nd place in the “Best wipeout” category. The final results announced were the Men’s overall. I was overwhelmed with excitement to hear my name called for the 2nd place overall position with Brandon Scheid to my right in 1st and Billy Parker to my left in 3rd.

Photo: Bryan Elkus

All in all the event was killer and one of the best experiences of my life. HUGE thanks to REAL Watersports for putting on the event, Lifethereal for the daily video updates, and BEST Kiteboarding for putting great gear in my hands and under my feat.

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